What is linkbharat?

Linkbhart is a platform to connect urban people with the villagers and farmers. It is a platform to get connected with farmers.

What is the purpose of this website?

The main purpose of this website is to support the farmers. Through this website you can find the data of needy farmers, so you can provide basic grocery to them.

Will you provide 80 G certificate?


How will you send our gift to the farmers?

You can choose a farmer from our website to whom you intend to help. You can deposit money to help the particular farmer on the given bank account and send us the mail.

We will provide the Diwali gift to the particular farmer. We will provide you a photograph and an acceptance letter from the farmer. The farmer will also give you feedback or you can contact him.

What is the procedure to help the needy farmers?

  • Log in to www.linkbharat.com
  • Select a needy farmer from the list.
  • Login to the website and register yourself.
  • Make payment.
  • Your ‘Diwali gift’ will be sent to the particular farmer.
  • You will get a notification as the farmer receives your gift.
  • You can contact to the farmer and confirm.

Do you provide receipt for the donation?

Yes. We will provide receipt for the donation.

Which organization is working for this cause?

There are many organizations working together for this noble cause. To know the details, please visit the About us page.

How will you manage the running expenses of this project?

Our core team is contributing for the basic running expenses.

How many farmers I can help?

You can help the farmers as per your capacity, there is no limit.

Can I contact the farmers directly for communication?

Yes. Surely you can.

What is the last date to participate in this project?

You can participate in this project anytime. For Diwali gifts, you can help before 10th November.

How to volunteer in this project?

You can join our volunteers team for this project, to join please click here. Link to-Join us as a volunteer.

Who are the team members for this project?

This project is a vision of a farmer’s son. There are many team members in this project, please visit our ‘About us’ page on the website.

How many districts are you covering?

We are starting with the villages, as we get response from the donors, we will cover whole Maharashtra.

How can we help for this project?

You can join us for making awareness in the cities. You can also join our management team. You can join volunteer’s team to work in villages.

You can fund the project and sponsor few farmers.